law school

wow. freaking. wow.Β 

after the incredible madness that has been my college applications process. decided to save myself from hefty student loans and save my parents from not being able to afford things they want by staying local. got into both law schools so i’m now facing the very happy problem of not being able to choose. guess i’ll be spending the rest of my life in black and white now πŸ™‚ / 😦 ? not sure how i feel about this. its a rock solid profession, just… my heart isn’t in this! all i want to do is go to america. don’t really want to study anything. but its alright. practicality/ cost >>>>> everything. dreams falter under pressure and i don’t want to go there just for the place. just for america’s sake its really not worth it at all.

i’ll soft river my way to freedom i suppose πŸ™‚

so pressing issues of the time are now—-

1. uncommit from CMU

2. choose a law school

3. get fitter in preparation for law school

4. apply for housing πŸ™‚



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