don’t be so angry! especially with ignorant people who you can’t influence. my take on all this? she’s just perpetuating misogyny with her acceptance of these narrow boundaries for women!

why can’t i wear shorts! the whole world wears shorts! everybody accepts this! it’s india’s fucking attitudes toward sexualizing people for what they wear! i can wear whatever i want because i want to! that’s how it should be but nooo. even when i’m eighteen i have to sit here and listen to my own MOTHER tell me i can’t wear shorts (and long-ass shorts at that) around the house when i go to india. it’s absolutely ridiculous and I said so, to her face. and AND the way she responds is by storming out and taking it so PERSONALLY. god. it’s your sick attitude that’s ridiculous. you’ve lived in a modern country for so long (almost 11 years) and still your attitude is so backward. i can’t wear shorts? in my own house? these shorts are SCHOOL SHORTS. they come halfway to my knees. it isn’t even FBT long.

sick of this shit. can’t wait to get out of here. then i’ll wear whatever i want, go wherever i want, do whatever i want. ugh. gross as hell.

this is why i hate being indian sometimes.


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