letters to the future: #1

hi. you’re probably a different person by now. or maybe you’re the same. i don’t really know. all i know is that you are going to be in a totally different mental state when you read this maybe months, maybe years, maybe just days later. and it’ll mean something different to you when you read it then.

some things i’ve learnt over 2014

  1. the world is big, sad and lonely
  2. you are big, sad and lonely
  3. just now, while trying to type lonely you accidentally typed lovely. you are that too, however sporadically.
  4. dreams are painful
  5. love is messy and isn’t as pretty as you thought it would be
  6. living for small moments is unfulfilling
  7. romantic comedies are fake and disgusting
  8. notions of being bad are better in your head than they are in reality
  9. you ARE a mugger with a procrastination problem
  10. however bad things seem, it always turns out okay eventually.
  11. fake it till you make it is a reality and it is not pathetic.
  12. i really really want to not feel like this.
  13. i’ll stop now.

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