not happy

It feels like everything is not going to work out… Penn seems like a pipedream, some naive ambition I have that’s never going to see the light of day. And the worst thing is that I actually told people about this dream…Why??? i am going to make this happen I DONT CARE!!!!

I feel so stupid now, and not just wrt academics or US Applications or anything like that. I just feel inadequate and it’s all a combination of how underprepared I am for everything and God I wish I thought more about these things in Year 5. 

Here’s a list of all the things I have to fix by this week 

  1. Academics (STICK TO THE SCHEDULE) 
  2. US Application- Intent to Apply form 
  3. Honours day- deal with everything there 😦
  4. Buy teachers’ day presents for R, A, D – crabtree and evelyn cookies for R and D, and THINK OF SOMETHING FOR A!!! 


“Oh God,
make me focused on you,
and not on your creation.
As they break my heart
and you fix it.”


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