For some strange reason, lately it appears as though I’ve become very desirable in the eyes of the opposite gender. HA. Seriously though, after I posted the picture (god what was I thinking but forget it) everyone has started shipping me with _______ for christ’s sake! Equal parts mortified (are my feelings obvious or something? what on earth is happening?) and pleased (please ship more, get him to do something about it). And all this while P_____ just asked me if I was angry/upset about the shipping and I tried to come up with a way that allows them to keep shipping while not revealing that I am totally in LOVE with the person they’re shipping me with and God all I can think about is that I’m completely useless and pathetic. Can’t do anything right and in all honesty I really think this is one-sided and I need to stop. 

All this while I’m so confused about life and uni and how I can’t do anything productive for prelims and ARGH this is the worst timing! My reaction right now has just been to gravitate between total joy and being totally PISSED OFF as shit. Not been very easy to deal with, thank god for M seriously she takes so much of my crap on a daily basis. 

I kind of understand why ______ is sick of me

I’m kind of sick of me at the moment. 

Bad days are the worst and this week has not been the kindest. 




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