I’m pretty happy with my grades. Didn’t do as badly as expected and I actually scored decently for a change. Improved physics, chem, math and lit. very very proud. 

  1. Math HL 5
  2. Chem HL 6
  3. Physics HL 6
  4. Lit SL 6 
  5. Hindi SL 7 (confirm so yay) 
  6. Economics SL 5 

Total: 35/42 🙂 Got good comments from Kenny and everything. 

finally there’s some upheaval in my life. finally finally finally. now all I want to do is score well for my EE and TOK and go for that Penn talk tomorrow and everything will be F I N E. 

God’s mercies I suppose. Thank you so so much. It’s such a joy when hard work pays off. 

Also, he came over to talk to me just now. So in love but not knowing where its going as of now makes me much happier than positive news I suppose. 

Possibility appeals to me, I guess. 

Hope the good vibes last longer than a day though! 



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