1. Why do pretty girls always have everything? (maybe I should stop measuring people by the content on their insta feeds) 
  2. Am I enough? (the absurdity of it all, of course you are) 
  3. Am I doing enough? (definitely not) 
  4. Am I going to find someone? (constant question, answer is startlingly obvious; yes, but first you must be someone.) 
  5. Am I obsessed? (yes, with love, lust and matty’s voice) 
  6. When will things start to happen to me? (patience, patience, patience, good timing, and hard work)

realisation otd: nobody in the whole world can give you the answers you need to give yourself. constantly asking questions about things you already know about/have no control over is USELESS. it’s impossible to stress this enough- without hardwork you are getting nowhere. and no one. up to you to decide what you want. 

i’m just tired of doing nothing and moping about. 


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