Stuff to be angry about at this juncture of my life 

  1. My mother openly saying, ‘this year you don’t really have any special friend, do you?’ 
  2. My needs and wants getting rejected in order for my parents to fulfil their own selfish needs 
  3. My unproductivity 
  4. The inability of my parents to afford any proper education for me
  5. The fact that I am ALWAYS having to fight for the things I want, alone 
  6. The fact that I am fucking ugly and will never get any healthy functioning male with half a brain to fall in love with me 
  7. There’s never enough of anything in my life – money, happy moments, possessions 
  8. I’ve never been anywhere worth mentioning 
  9. I don’t have a story – everything about myself I am willing to reveal to others is a carefully calculated lie 
  10. I have to lie and fabricate because I haven’t got nearly enough to impress anyone
  11. Nobody is ever interested in me, I am almost always the back up option
  12. Yet again I have been left behind as my parents go for yet another fucking walk 
  13. I will always be a loser 

I wish I wasn’t the underdog in my life. I so so wish I wasn’t always the underdog. 



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