I was rifling through some old letters and documents in my father’s black briefcase today when I found an old piece of paper with some predictions made about my father’s future when he was young. It was pretty surreal because there was a lot of truth present in what was predicted (marriage to a science student, financially independent at age 30, etc) but the interesting things about those predictions was that my father had written the years in which those predictions had come true in the margins. To some extent I guess they were self fulfilling prophecies, but his actions were funny because I’m pretty sure I would have done the same thing if I was given a list of future predictions. 

My father doesn’t know that I read that document, but it really gave me a lot to think about in relation to how everybody is looking for answers about their future, and how everyone needs assurance that their life will turn out alright eventually. I spend a lot of my time thinking/overthinking/worrying about what is to come. I often get told not to ‘think so much’ and demand answers immediately from life, but the funny thing is that everybody does that, even the most unexpected people. Its a relief to know this actually, because most of the time I always worry that I’m the only person facing the problems I’m worried about. 

I guess its just one more reason to believe in the indomitable quality that life has of always working out. Situations always resolve themselves, problems get solved and life always goes on. Thank god for that! 


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