I think I just said the most true things I have ever said to someone. And I wonder why he is always the person I tell the truth to. And the funny thing is that I realised how true those words were as I was saying them.

Basically I was talking about how I want to leave this place and go far far away to someplace I really belong and how I have to deal with the fact that I have dreams but no money and no way to afford those dreams 

But I’m glad I met him today. I’m glad. The last time he left I was left feeling so awful and so abandoned and dissatisfied (there’s probably a blog post about that somewhere on here), but I think I can now safely say that I’m well and truly OVER it 🙂 I regret most things almost as soon as I say/do them, but today is just something I feel I won’t regret. Which is good. 

I see my growth, and I am happy. Thank God for new beginnings~



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