Proof: here goes

“Why do you put your self-esteem in the hands of complete strangers?”
— Helena Bonham Carter

We had a drama session today. I’m supposed to be an old lady or something but I just can’t get the accent down and I hate that I’m the loose piece in this performance but maybe I’m just making too big of a deal about this.
I always end up feeling so disappointed after drama because slowly I’m realizing that I’m not really a good actress and I so so want to be
As things stand, I can do one of two things – either I can be proactive about it and work on the accent before Monday or I can be a loser and leave it to my incompetent brain and unreliable fate to figure it out on it’s own- definitely not an option.

Yesterday in the shower I just thought to myself- like a passing idea- “Change. Simply and easily, change.” And somewhere I replied “Okay.”
It just has to be that easy. The only people whose opinion matters is me and Ajji and God. And when I keep sight of that, and of the fact that I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, life becomes simple. Life becomes easy.



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